After many years of creating colorful urban landscape and abstract collages my world was turned upside down (in the best and most disruptive ways) by the birth of my son. In an effort to adjust my creative practice to something I could sustain while caring for a small child, I returned to my roots as a painter.

I now create vibrant, abstract landscapes with some representational elements. I use contrasting colors, values and imagery to reflect the tension between light and darkness, justice and injustice, hope and despair, beauty and ugliness. I also, sometimes, create mixed media pieces and semi-performative pieces related to social-justice, politics and protest. Additionally, the powerful and, at times, overwhelming experience of being a mother continue to shape my work in fundamental ways.

My work has been shown in a number of Philadelphia galleries such as Space 1026, the InLiquid Gallery and Practice Gallery, as well as galleries in New Orleans and New Jersey.

I am interested in the smallness of our world, the persistence of injustice, the problematic nature of human perception and the daily discipline of practicing hope. My home city of Philadelphia and my reflections on my own imperfect journey are a frequent subtext in my work.


Krista Dedrick Lai, photo by Steve Latimer

Krista Dedrick Lai, photo by Steve Latimer